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<BODY> tag: This is the document's body: The body is the container for the visual part of a document. All the things written here will be shown when the document is rendered. Most of the tags in HTML can be inserted in the body section (inside the HTML body tag) and will take care of the visual aspects of the document.

When we create a Web page, we can change several visual characteristics in the body of the document by adding extra attributes to the <body> tag.  Following are the different attributes, which can be used in BODY tag.

§  Bgcolor: This changes the background color of the page. We can set this to any color we would like to use. We can give color name or hex code.  
§  Text: This changes the default text color in the page. Here also, we can give color name or hex code.  
§  Link: This changes the color of all the non-visited links on the page.  
§  Alink : This changes the color of an active link on the page, which is a link that has just been clicked on by a user.  
§  Vlink: This changes the color of a visited link on the page
§  Background: This adds a background image to the page. If we don't use a background image, the browser will use the background color or its default background color.

Example: Following code uses the above attributes in the body tag.

<body bgcolor="black" text="red" link="yellow" alink="orange" vlink="red" background="logo.gif">
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