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Disadvantges of File Management System:

§  It requires extensive programming: The main problem with the file system approach is that even the simple task like data-retrieval also requires extensive programming. With the file systems, programmers had to specify what must be done and how it should to be done. But, modern data­bases use a nonprocedural language that allows the user to specify what must be done without specifying how it must be done. 

§  It cannot handle queries: File systems cannot handle unplanned or complex queries.  For example, to generate a report, programmer needs to write a lengthy program.

§  Program-data dependence: Here, any change to a file structure, forces modifications in all of the pro­grams that use the data in that file.  And, these modifications are likely to produce errors.

§  System maintenance is difficult: Another problem is that as the number of files in the system expands, system administration becomes more difficult. Even a simple file system with a few files requires the creation and maintenance of several file management programs. 

§  Inadequate Security Features: Another fault of a file system database is that security features are difficult to implement.

§  Limited Data Sharing: With the traditional file processing approach, each application has its own private files and users have little opportunity to share data outside their own applications.  
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