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Formatting Tags:

Formatting (Physical) tags: Formatting tags are used to apply formatting to the text. They render the text in different formats according to the tag used. The common formatting tags are listed below. The listed tags are known as physical tags. Physical tags define how the text should be displayed in the browser. They control the Physical characteristics of the text.

Defines bold text
Defines italic text
Defines underlined text
Defines big text
Defines small text
Defines subscripted text
Defines superscripted text
Defines teletype text
Strikes off the text
Makes the text blinking
Allows us to set font-face, color and size
Aligns the text in center


<B>Hello </B> <BR>
<I> Hello </I> <BR>
<U> Hello </U> <BR>
H<sub>2</sub>O <BR>
x<sup>2</sup>y <BR>
<TT>Hello<TT> <BR>
<strike>Hello</strike> <BR>
<blink>Hello</blink> <BR>
<font face="arial"> Hello </font>
<center>Hello</Center> <BR>

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