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HEAD tag: This section is the document's head. All the information contained in the document's head is loaded first, before any other thing in the document, as it's defined before the body segment. It includes tags like title, script, style, meta, base, basetag, index and so on.

  • <TITLE> tag: This is the document's title. This is displayed in the title bar of the window.  
  • <STYLE> tag: This is used to write style specifications. It includes a group of class definitions (style sheets) used by other tags to set visual characteristics.  
  • <SCRIPT> tag: This allows defining script functions which are of VBScript and JavaScript. 
  • <META> tag: This has information about data. This sets custom attributes and values for the document.
  • <LNIK> tag: This is used to specify global links. This specifies relationships with other documents.
  • <ISINDEX> tag: This is for simple keyword searches
  • <BASE tag>: This defines default address/directory for the links in a HTML page.
  • <BASEFONT> tag: This tag specifies a default font-color, font-size, or font-family for all the text in a document.
Example: Following HEAD tag uses the above tags.

      <title> C Notes </title>
      <meta name="Author" content="Venu" />
         <base href=“http://winningbrains.com/images/” />
         <basefont color="red" size="5" />
   border-width: 100%;
   border-color: blue;
      <script language="VBScript"> 
      sub sayhi
        msgbox "hi"
     end sub
       <link rel="index" href="../index.html" />
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