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Java API Packages:

Java API provides a large number of classes grouped into different packages according to functionality. Most of the time, we use the packages available with the java API. The following diagram shows different packages and the table displays the contents of the packages.

java.langThis package has primary classes and interfaces essential for java program. It consists of wrapper classes, strings, threads, etc. The classes defined in this package are imported by default. 
java.util(utility) in this package utility classes like data structures are available. This package contains useful classes and interfaces like stack, linked list, hash table, arrays. etc.
java.ioThis package has file handling classes which can be used to perform input output related tasks
java.awt Abstract window tool kit.   This package helps to develop GUI. It consists of classes for windows, buttons, lists and etc. 
java.net This has classes for networking. Client – server programming can be done using this package. Net stands for network.
java.appletClasses for creating and implementing Applets.
java.sqlStructured query language.  This package has classes that help to connect to database like oracle. 
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