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Properties of HTML Tags:

HTML Tags: HTML uses markup tags to describe web pages. HTML markup tags are usually called HTML tags.  The properties of tags are listed below.

§  HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets as in <tag-name>
§  HTML tags normally come in pairs like <tag-name> and </tag-name>, such tags are called paired tags.
§  The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag
§  Start and end tags are also called opening tags and closing tags.
§  Some of the tags have only opening tag. These are called empty tags like <BR>, <HR>.
§  Each tag may have attributes in them as in <font color=’red’>, here color is attribute and ‘red’ is its value.
§  No tag in HTML is mandatory. But, a well written HTML document has <HTML>, <HEAD> and <BODY> tags.
§  Tags are not case sensitive i.e. they may be written in lower or upper case letters.
§  Some tags can also be nested within other tags; for example:
<H1> This is my <B> Computer </B> Notes </H1>
§  If a browser cannot interpret a tag, it will be simply ignored.
§  Tags are also called elements of a HTML document.

Example: The following program uses two tags: <BODY> and <H1>
    <H1> Hello </H1>
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