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What is an Applet?:

Applet: Applet is a special type of Java program that is used in web applications. Applets are embedded within a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) document. Applets provide a way to give life to a web page. Applets can be used to handle client-side validations. Browsers are required for their execution. Applets allow event-driven programming.

Working of Java Applet
        Java applets like Java programs consist of one or more class definitions. Once compiled, these classes are stored as files with a .class extension and they consist of Java bytecode. Java bytecode is created by a Java-compatible compiler. Unlike Java applications, applets are executed within a Java-enabled web browser such as Internet Explorer or tools like appletviewer. Applets are embedded within an HTML document via the APPLET tag that references the Java applet's compiled .class file.
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