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Binary Trees & advantages of Binary trees:

§ A Binary tree is a non-linear data structure in which each node has maximum of two child nodes. The tree connections can be called as branches.

§ Trees are used to represent data in hierarchical form.

§ Binary tree is the one in which each node has maximum of two child-nodes

§ The order of a binary tree is ‘2’.

§ Binary tree does not allow duplicate values

§ While constructing a binary tree, if an element is less than the value of its parent-node, it is placed on left side of it otherwise right side.

§ A binary tree is shown for the elements 40, 56, 35, 48, 22, 65, 28

Advantages of binary tree:

4 Searching in a binary tree becomes faster

4 Binary tree provides 6 traversals.

4 Two of six traversals give sorted order of the elements

4 Maximum and minimum elements can be directly picked up

4 It is used for graph traversals and to convert an expression to postfix and prefix forms.

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