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Tree terminology:

Tree terminology includes common words associated with a tree and operations on it. The following are some of the words that are part of tree terminology.

Path: The sequence of lines which connect node to node of tree is called path

Root: The node at the top of a tree is called the root. There is only one root in a tree.

Parent: Any node (except root) that has at least one node as a child node, is called parent.

Child: All the nodes except root are child nodes.

Leaf: A node that has no child node can be called leaf-node.

Subtree: A sub-tree constitutes of a node and all its descendants

Visiting: Visting means reaching a particular node to either print it or perform some operation on it.

Traversing: Traversing means to visit all the nodes in some specified order.

Level: the level refers to number generations from the root of a tree (it is also called depth).

Keys: Key refers to a value (data-field) of a node.

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