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Applications of linked lists:

· Polynomial addition and multiplication: polynomial equations can be added and multiplied easily using linked lists. Linked lists hold each coefficient and exponential part as information parts.

· Radix sort: Radix sorts, and address calculation sort use linked lists to perform sorting.

· To perform arithmetic operations on large numbers: Using existing data types such as int, long, it is not possible to perform arithmetic operations large numbers. Linked lists solve this problem by splitting them into digits and holding them in nodes.

· Implementation of stacks and queues: The data structures such as stacks and queues are implementations of linked list.

· Memory management. The unused nodes can be maintained as a free list. There will not be any memory wastage in linked list.

· Symbol table implementation: Symbol tables are used in compiler construction and related fields. These can be used as dictionary for the values. Linked list are best suited for implementing

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