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Data Structures:

§ Data structure is a mechanism to organize the data in different ways and to perform possible operations on these structures.

§ The data structure operations include insertion, deletion, modification, searching, sorting and etc.

§ Data structure also measures the efficiency of the algorithm in terms of their time-complexity and space complexity of the program.

§ One way of classifying the data structures is either linear or non-linear. Linked lists come under linear data structures and trees and graphs come under non-linear.

§ Every data structure combines its own advantages and disadvantages.

§ Data structures can be of many types.

§ Arrays

§ Linked lists

§ Stacks

§ Queues

§ Trees

§ Graphs

§ Hash tables

§ Maps

§ Sets

§ Vectors

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Learning data structures is as fundamental as storing data in a computer's memory, thanks for sharing this amazing data structure tutorial, looking forward for more tutorials and guides.

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