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Differences between Vectors and Arrays:



Array is set of values of similar type. Array elements share common name and array elements are stored in sequential memory locations.

Vector class is contained in the java.util package. This class can be used to create a generic dynamic array known as vector that can hold objects of any type and any number.

Predetermination of array size is a must

Predetermination of Vector size is not necessary

Declaration is as follows:

int a[] = new int [3];

Declaration is as follows:

Vector list = new Vector ( ); // without size

Vector list = new Vector (3); // with size

The set of values must of same type

The objects do not have to be homogeneous

The size of the array is fixed.

It can store a list of objects that may vary in size

Needs extra overhead to store objects

It can more conveniently store objects.

Insertion and deletion are tiresome processes

Insertion and deletion are quite easy

Here, we can store simple data types easily.

We cannot directly store simple data types in a vector. We have to convert them into objects.

No direct methods to manipulate or insert or delete elements

As it is an object, several built-in methods are available to manipulate or insert or delete elements

(like addElement(), removeElement(),…)

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