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The procedure for creating and executing an applet:

An applet is a Java program that runs in a Java-compatible browser such as Internetexplorer. This feature allows users to display graphics and to run programs over the Internet. An applet allows web documents to be both animated and interactive.

Step 1: Import applet package and awt package: To create an applet, our program must import the Applet class. This class is found in the java.applet package. The Applet class contains code that works with a browser to create a display area. We also need to import the java.awt package. "awt” stands for “Abstract Window Toolkit”. The java.awt package includes classes like Graphics.

Step 2: Extend the Applet class: Then, a class must be defined that inherits from the class ‘Applet’. It contains the methods to paint the screen. The inherited class must be declared public.

Step 3: Override the paint method to draw text or graphics: The paint method needs the Graphics object as its parameter.

public void paint(Graphics g) { … }

The Graphics class object holds information about painting. We can invoke methods like drawLine(), drawCircle() and etc using this object.

Syntax: The program looks something like this.

import java.applet.*;

import java.awt.*;

public class MyApplet extends Applet


public void paint(Graphics g)


g.drawString("Welcome to Apoorva”,50,50);



Step 4: Compiling the Program: After writing the program, we compile it using the command "javac MyApplet.java". This command will compile our code so that we now have MyApplet.class file.

Step 5: Adding applet to HTML document: To run the applet we need to create the HTML document. The BODY section of the HTML document allows APPLET tag. The HTML file looks something like this:

Step 6: Running an applet: The applet can be run in two ways

1. Using appletviewer: To run the appletviewer, type appletviewer filename.html

2. Using web browser: Open the web browser, type in the full address of html file.

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