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4 A queue is a linear data structure in which elements are added at the “rear” and deleted from the “front”.

4 A queue is a type of abstract data type that can be implemented as a linear list.

4 A queue has a front and a rear.

4 Insertion occurs at the rear of the list, and deletion occurs at the front of the list. This is called as “first-in-first-out” (FIFO) method.

4 The some common words associated with queue:

§ Enqueue (qstore): adding an element to the queue at its rear

§ Dequeue (qdelete): deleting an element at the front of a queue.

§ Empty: status of queue being empty

§ Full: status of a queue being full.

§ Front: Refers to the first element of the queue.

§ Rear: Refers to the last element of the queue.


§ Queue is used in many applications such as printing documents

§ Queue is used in reservation-oriented information systems.

Graphical representation of Queue is shown in below:

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